Access Barriers And Solutions

There is a link that is broadcasting through a foreign site known as the HIDDEN Wiki. This is a connection that can lead to very dangerous consequences. Through this link, various fraud incidents occur and many victims are formed. The main feature of this link is the access to sites that cannot be banned.

The use of Hidden Wiki can create cyber problems at some points. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the e-mails about this subject and access to various internet sites should not be provided through this site. Although the connection may be useful at small points, this should be taken into consideration seriously.

What is Onion List? What is it used for?

The ONION LIST logic provides access to certain sites that are prohibited from time to time. But the purpose of the establishment of the site has exceeded the limit too much. The site started to be used for bad purposes and the site authorities remained silent to this situation. For this reason, people who have experience in computer and internet world warn users about the use of Onion List.

This is not the case even if the site authorities claim that this link is very reliable for them. Major operations are organized in various countries for people trying to commit fraud and cyber attacks through this site. Pure and clean areas of the site can be used. But it is harmful to take this issue to the next level.

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